*** For Licenced Wellness Providers and Medical Practitioners Only ***

    Join Our Growing EndoPlex Healthcare Affiliate Program

    Our EndoPlex Healthcare Affiliate Program is designed for Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Holistic, Wellness and Licensed Medical Providers to easily provide natural ECS benefits and improved patient care, while adding to their practice revenue stream.

    • Recommend EndoPlex on an ‘as-needed’ basis to your patient population. 
    • Your patients enjoy increased ECS health and long-term well being. 
    • Patient prescriptions are fulfilled (and refilled) and billed by the patient directly through a highly secure, co-branded web site and payment portal.
    • Your medical practice receives 20% of your patients’ purchases!

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    Go to the bottom of this page. Or check out: https://endoplex.refersion.com

    QUESTIONS: Please call 714.696.6155 or email Dean Quintal at dean@endoplex.com

  • A Simple and Powerful Business Model

    Like most health care providers, you have a method and routine in your office; a rhythm that you would prefer not to break. How do you improve patient care AND create additional revenue without disrupting this balance? If you could design the perfect business model to improve patient care and well being AND increase practice revenues, this is what it would look like:

    • No ‘selling’ by the doctor
    • Natural improvement to patient care
    • Makes CPT/CMT Code challenges irrelevant
    • 100% direct patient pay – no accounting or tax issues in your practice
    • No disruption to staff or doctors routine
    • NO INVESTMENT OR extra overhead.
    • EndoPlex provides initial and recurring inventory
    • No extra time with the patient required
    • No equipment to buy
    • Zero ongoing expense

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  • Here are a few of the many benefits of the EndoPlex Affilliate Program.

    Scroll through to learn more about the many benefits to the EndoPlex Healthcare Affiliate Program. It's a win-win scenario for you and your patients >

    Therapeutic Benefits 

    Mitigating the physiological effects of chronic stress and pain on your patients during treatment produces a more favorable outcome. ENDOPLEX is a plan that could benefit the patient’s physiology trending toward homeostasis based on the importance of body’s ECS. Our experience suggests that you will find that more than 80% of your patient base will benefit from the use the nutrients found in EndoPlex for therapeutic and/or preventive purposes.

    Preventative Benefits

    There has been much written in medical literature recently regarding the trend for healthcare to become more proactive and not just reactive. It is difficult to envision a more proactive approach than to reduce the physiological effects of chronic stress and pain on the patient base. EndoPlex provides your practice with the opportunity to not only treat your patient population inside the office, but to also recommend, respond and administer more effective health treatments year-round.

    Diversified Income Stream

    Depending upon the level that you elect to prescribe EndoPlex to your patient population, you can create a lucrative, residual income. You will receive 20% each month of all purchases made by your participating patient population, ordered and delivered independently through your co-branded web site for all new and recurrent sales.

    Implementation is Easy!

    Implementation into your practice is simple, non-disruptive and our practice agreement does not commit you to any long-term constraints. We will only do business together as long as we are both happy.


    EndoPlex provides complete phone and on-line training for the practitioner, practice manager, and staff. Time required for training is typically as follows: 15 minutes for office staff (designated facilitator) with an additional 15 minutes for the office manager, and 15 minutes with the practitioner(s). We are available by phone and in person (when necessary) for continual ongoing support.

    Ongoing Convenience

    If you feel one of your patients can benefit from EndoPlex, you simply recommend the first 30-day supply of product to your patients as a trial purchase. After initial 30-day supply, they can then get the product from your office inventory or be shipped directly through our automatic fulfillment system.


    Your patient is not obligated to continue purchasing the product(s) and will deal with EndoPlex directly – eliminating the need for your staff to provide related customer service.

    Taxation and Accounting

    We exclusively use Refersion.com to account for practice royalty payments. Refersion.com utilizes a proprietary model of residual accounting and can handle any and all models or personal and corporate accounting and taxation requirements. Refersion.com is a trusted partner that allows you direct access and management of your EndoPlex Affiliate Program and always keeps you up-to-date, properly managed and on track for the life of the program.

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  • EndoPlex Healthcare Affiliate Program

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