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    “I started using the Relief capsules about 3 weeks ago. I suffer from chronic lower back and sciatic pain that has been pretty constant over the past 5 years. Within three to four days, I started noticing a reduced pain level especially the constant aching that is associated with my daily pain. On a scale of 1-10, I would give the Relief Capsules a solid 8 and will continue to take them in the future.”


    Brent Godfrey


    "Surprisingly, I found out about EndoPlex and the ECS from my medical marijuana dispensary. I always wondered why pot seemed to be a rightful solution to many medical issues. And when I learned more about the ECS, and then tried EndoPlex, I have to say I feel much more alert… and no more pot!!"


    Arch H. - Oakland, CA


    “I started taking Relief after an extensive knee surgery. It very quickly provided pain relief, and I went from 'barely able to walk' to nearly 100% pain free within weeks. I now take Foundation daily and supplement with Relief on occasion, as needed. ”


    Kelly L


    “We are seeing tremendous results with EndoPlex products. Our patients like the fact that the products are ‘food based’ and very safe. It is an added bonus to finally have a natural supplement that works in a predictable and consistent way.”


    Dr. O Salberg


    "I love it and so do all my grandchildren – makes us all feel great and we have so much fun!"


    Brian B. – San Jose, CA


    "I’ve been taking flavonoids for quite some time and I’ve now switched to EndoPlex. I like your Foundation formula the best. It seems to agree with me and I feel great."


    Kathy P. – Berkeley, CA


    "This product is great to strengthen and add volume to hair. It is a little smelly. I wash my hair with shampoo then add 2 ml and rub into my hair until absorbed and then I condition and rinse. Takes care of all my split ends. Makes your hair shine and luxurious. Asking for a scented version!"


    Celest M. – Admin